Show who you are:
smart, brave strong and beautiful!

Women are just wonderful. You are smart, brave, strong and beautiful. Each in her own special, distinctive way. Every day we step out anew into a world that does not always make it easy for us to live our distinctiveness and to show our true self. A world that sometimes makes it impossible for us to be the woman we want to be. Why? Because we don’t trust ourselves? Because others don’t trust us?
With my gaze on you, I bring these strengths to the forefront – put them in the focus of my work and thus in the focus of your life.
See yourself as I see you: Unmistakable.
Join me on a journey to yourself, visit places in nature that give you the feeling of home – that mean home to you. On a mountain, at the lake, in the park or in the city. My portraits let you shine and show you who you are: smart, courageous, strong and beautiful.