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On this page you can find a list of wedding service providers, whose work I can wholeheartedly recommend. The highest quality is very important to me in my work and this also reflects in my recommendations.


Wedding planning & decoration rental

“We love the unconventional atmosphere of something very traditional. We love individual and free-spirited ideas that match your personality. We love discovering new locations that open up new possibilities for you. We love to decorate and we love to take care of the details that make you happy.​ We not only love to plan, but also to design your personal celebration. We love creative, courageous and inspiring ideas that inspire you.​ We love to write your own personal story. We love weddings.”


Master florist

Gardener, herbalist, event manager

In love with nature, florist with body and soul, flower lover, flower girl

“I must have Flower, Always, Always, Always”



“I see myself as a visual storyteller. There is a story to be told about everything and what I love to do most is, to tell your story. My style as videographer is described as personal and minimalistic. This style got me an award in 2019 from the Austrian Wedding Awards. I love to establish a cinematic feeling in my (wedding) videos by playing with light and framing. My clients love a personal spoken message as a leading line throughout the video. It makes it very personal. “

Julia Högler

Stationery & Design

Wedding stationery combined with elegance and minimalism into a coherent overall concept
Stationery is Julia’s absolute heart project and it fulfills her to make bridal couples shine with their desired design. Because stationery is much more than just paper. Delicate colours, fine fonts and high-quality highlights come together and become wonderful memories on paper.


Singing.Sound works. Works of art. Lightworks

“I am passionate about accompanying people with art and sound. For me, no two events or works of art are the same. However, one principle always applies: let special moments shine with the sound of light.”

Soul and Sound

Vocals by Nicole Christina

“I do everything out of conviction, if it gives me pleasure and with all my heart. This fire drives me constantly and also brings people to me who perceive all this, feel it inside themselves or want to feel it again.”

Schloss Jeutendorf

Location, Marquees & More

A marquee for very special weddings.

Landhaus zu Appesbach

Location at the Wolfangssee

The Landhaus zu Appesbach is one of the select houses that are characterized by warm hospitality, living tradition, incomparable location and an outstanding culinary offer. This house lives up to the claim of being an “inspiring place” and is therefore allowed to bear the Tauroa quality seal. The Landhaus zu Appesbach is such a place and looks back on more than 100 years of tradition.

Update by Barbara Schmuck

Make-up and Hair



The Hapymio old wood photo box is the highlight of your celebration. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a drink in the afternoon with large postcard photos or a party mood in the evening with funny stripe designs. Every time you change location and restart the photo box, simply choose the right design for you. 1-2-3 and the photo box can be converted to child size in a flash. Flexibility and easy operation are literally very important at Hapymio.

Brautboutique Lilee

Bridal fashion in Altenmarkt and Kitzbühl

Boutique Lilee was born from the collaboration of two sisters who complement each other perfectly with their uniqueness and different knowledge of weddings. Catharina and Luise will help you to find the perfect wedding dress for the most beautiful day of your life. Let yourself be enchanted by exclusive wedding dresses in a personal atmosphere in the Lilee Bridal Boutique in Altenmarkt im Pongau, Salzburg. With our top advice, you will not only find your perfect wedding dress with us, but also shoes, accessories and much more.


Bridal fashion in Salzburg

“The love of quality, extravagance and the different styles at a wedding characterize our business philosophy. We humans are so different, so are the dresses that we choose and sell with a lot of effort. After years of experience in the bridal industry, we have decided to take over this nice business. We are very committed to selecting the various high-quality dresses at international trade fairs. Getting married in and around Salzburg gets a very special quality from our bridal room.”


Bridal fashion in Golling

Are you a wood elf, a king’s daughter, a mermaid or are you looking for pure happiness? From very simple, vintage and boho to princess, there is something for every bride.