How to choose your photographer

There are so many photographers out there that the choice can be hard. I, myself, am just looking for one, so I thought I share my thoughts about what I am looking for.

Of course, the budget is an important question. For some, the photography is simply not so important, but for me as photographer, it is, of course, the most important question at my wedding.

Each photographer has their own unique style. This starts to be seen by how they edit their pictures. Do they use cold or warm colors? Are the images light or dark? Some photographers retouch their images pushing the colors and some like gentle colors.

Another thing you can look for is how the photographer captures the moments of a wedding. For me as a photographer, it is my goal the capture as many big and also little moments of a day. Moments which keep the memories vivid are so important. This is the basis for a good wedding reportage.

The images of the Bridal Couple Shoot are the heart piece of the wedding. My advice is to make 45-60 Minutes time for it, that way the photographers can get the optimal results for you. I like it when a photographer can create an intimate moment within the images.

To be able to create an intimate moment means that you need to help out the photographer (see my blog about how to feel comfortable in front of the camera). It is up to the photographer to offer you some suggestions, but don’t be shy, a little input goes a long way and it is great to have a few ideas of your own beforehand. It is also helpful to not feel rushed, your wedding is your special day and you need to work with the photographer to capture these memories.