How to pose for the camera

For people who are not used to being in front of the camera all the time, it can be very challenging to stand in front of the big lens. Often the first reaction is:


Most people don’t like themselves in images. This is often because they don’t recognize themselves within the photo. Another person has a very different perspective on how you look and how they see you when you are in front of the camera. The picture in one’s mind rarely lines up with the image you see afterwards.

So my first tip is: Play around in front of the mirror. Make yourself laugh out loud. Not just faking the laugh. Think about a funny situation that makes you laugh and go wild in front of the mirror. Start to recognize all the faces you pull; your friends and family already recognize these but you need to be comfortable with what you see in yourself as well.

Shooting selfies can help you get familiar with how you want to portray yourself in front of a camera. Shoot yourself in different angles and situations; you don’t have to smile every time. You can also look thoughtful, or you can just try to smile with your eyes. If you smile, do you like yourself with sparkling teeth or more a discreet smile? It is all about knowing yourself so that you will recognize yourself when you see the photos afterward.

Your posture is one of the most important aspects: take a moment by yourself and roll your shoulders back and let them fall down. Then imagine having a string lifting you up from the top of your head stretching you up. That will lower your chin automatically and give you a nice upright posture.