A Turkish Wedding

In December, I had the pleasure to dive into another culture. I shot the wedding of Senem and Cenk in Munich. I arrived at the apartment of the bride and it was full of family and friends. Everyone was getting ready and the bride was putting on her makeup.

Outside we started to hear music and a crowd people were arriving. That was when the mother of the bride told me I can even stay in the room with the bride or stay outside and wait for the groom to arrive and I decided to stick with the women.

The noise grew louder and louder until we could hear the groom bargaining with the bride’s youngest brother (Some background: Normally, the passage is guarded by a brother or close relative and some negotiation is required. Once the groom and family member agree upon a price, the groom may enter the bride is allowed to leave the safety of the parents’ home.

When the deal was brokered, the brother and groom entered the room and where he was given a red ribbon and a red veil. This is known as the “Maidenhood Belt” which is wrapped around the bride’s waist three times and fastened with a knot.

Afterwards, the whole wedding party took to the streets and danced to joyful music to celebrate the newlyweds. Before the bridal couple drove to the party location, they drove through the heart of Munich to get out in beautiful places in order to dance.

The reception afterward was full of dancing and hardly anyone sat around. That was my first wedding like this and I hope it will be not the last.